Performance Assessment

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Establish a clear power profile and set a benchmark of where your cycling is. 
This will guide your training and racing, and be the yardstick against which we'll measure improvement. 

What to expect:

The assessment will be a one hour session on the indoor trainer. Bring your bike, kit and drink along and we'll do it on our direct drive trainer. This will be about as hard an hour as you can expect on the bike, so come fresh and expecting a hard ride.


As with build up to a race, please take two days prior to the test right off the bike. And before the test have a relatively low intensity hour to 90 minute cycle, with a few short, high cadence sprints, just to loosen up the legs. 


Our bike room in Craighall. Sometimes known as the pleasure room, sometimes known as the paincave. 
If you're in Jozi we can come to you for R500 too.