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Every single athlete I work with has a unique combination or what their goals are, what their drive is, why the do this, and what personal growth or satisfaction they get from what they put into their riding, running or triathlon. 

Personal wins is what coaching and training is all about for me. Whether the target is finishing the race or winning it, I'm proud to be involved in all of these stories. 

Female Trainer


Mission: Fit Funrider to Top Elite Racing

  • Story & Goal: Milly ended 2018 fit and fast, but not as a "racer" or having had any structured training or specific race goals. With a bit of encouragement from riding mates, she decided it was #TimeToGetSerious. 
    We jointly put together a medium term plan to see Milly (who quickly became known as "The M-Train") start racing with the Elite Ladies in local road cycling. 
    Her training commitment, ability and race-focus has made for a great coaching relationship and she's nailed almost every step of the way. 

  • 15 months down the line she's had Top 10s at a bunch of major road races, getting closer to a big win, and has just joined local pro outfit - Team Customized Cycling. 

  • Next up:
     - CTCT: For a team win
    -  The Cape Epic: For a top 10
    - D90: For a Mixed Team Win


Mission: Funrider to Competitor at the top end of sub vets road racing in less than a year!

Story & Goals: 

  • Like many others, Lee had been having some fun, riding bikes, doing some mtb races - but without much structure, crew or goals. In August 2019 he started riding more and more, got the bug and decided he wanted to race competitively with some mates in the racing 30-39 category. 

  • The goal was 1 year to be able to finish with the leaders. And 6 months ahead of schedule, boom there he is. Having cracked huge PBs at the Amashova, the 947 and a few along the way- Feb 2020 saw him reach the racing ability to finish with the front of the race. 

  • Next step is to start making waves in his category. Upcoming race targets are: 
    - Age group contention at CTCT
    - D90 for the mixed win

Blonde Trainer
Trainer with Grey Top



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